1910s evening gown

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1910s evening gown

I bought this lovely, soft red silky fabric for my wedding to use as the sash and for a little jacket for the ceremony when I wanted to keep my shoulders covered.


The problem is, I bought rather too much of it.  I think it might be drapery fabric.  I bought it at this very disorganized discount fabric store after I discovered that the fabric at commercial craft stores was not that great but before I discovered online fabric stores.  Now, it’s been sitting in my fabric box for almost 5 years and I was about to get rid of it because I had no idea what to do with it.  I could maybe see it as a ball gown, but when am I going to wear a ball gown?  Since it is clearly synthetic and very drape-y, I couldn’t really see it being used for historical costuming.  But when I realized purim was coming up, I thought about it some more and decided it could maybe be used in a victorian ball gown, with some suspension of disbelief.  It might resemble an unnaturally soft dupioni.  It’s a lovely color.

I started to do some research on natural-bustle era ball gowns ( since I have a Truly Victorian pattern lying around from a Mrs. Lovett costume I made a few years ago), but at some point I managed to get distracted by a titanic-era ball gown, and one thing led to another, and now here’s the plan:



I was going to just make up my own design, but it was remarkably similar to this one, and I just love the bow-like draping in the front.  I will probably use Sense and Sensibility’s Kimono dress pattern with some adaptations (I’m not quite ready to draft my own patterns).  For now I’m working on the undergarments, a chemise from Laughing Moon, and a corset.  Bridges on the body has a great corset tutorial that I’m using.




I probably won’t be done by Purim and if I try I will just drive myself nuts, so I’m not even going to try.  I figure I can probably wear my Italian renaissance Campi-inspired dress.



It needs a few things to spruce it up and get it closer to the picture, mostly the partlet.  It also needs to be refitted in the bodice as it was apparently lost on me that I should always draft period bodices a few inches smaller than my natural measurement as to allow space for the lacing.  Also it would be much better if I never wear my hair that tight to my head ever again.