Convertible Necklace

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Convertible Necklace

I’m sort of obsessed with convertible garments lately.  What’s not to like?  They don’t take up much space in your closet but they can be like a whole wardrobe of options.  Great for travel.  And, environmentally friendly!   It’s like the holy grail of fashion.

I’ll admit that there are still a lot of limitations of convertible fashion, but don’t write it off just yet, they get way more creative than just the standard infinity dress.  I’m hoping to get some sewing done and post a few multipurpose garments for your perusal at a later date, but it might not happen until after school starts.  I have one garment done but I still haven’t managed a photo shoot.  Photographing my clothing is the bane of my blogging existence.  I have to find someone else to photograph me (generally my husband), and time that both of us are available, which is at a bit of a premium.  Miss E LOVES to take photographs, but they’re usually of my feet, or out of focus (did you know that you could get out-of-focus photos with an auto-focus point and shoot?).

This is why I love jewelry and craft projects, because I can photograph them myself.

So while you are waiting for my convertible garment posts, here’s a fun little project to tide you over.  Convertible necklaces!  This idea came to me when I had a necklace of a sort of odd length.  I wanted to make it longer, so I tied a ribbon through the clasp.  Then I thought to myself, wouldn’t it be great if I could make it easier to attach and detach the ribbon?  Or change it out for a chain of a different length?  And, voila!  The convertible necklace was born.



It is super easy and endlessly adaptable. You can make it with an old necklace that needs updating, or you can make it from new. Basically, you make a short(ish) necklace and attach lobster clasps on either end. Then the necklace can be quickly clasped onto the end of a piece of chain, a ribbon or cord that has been finished with cord ends, or a string of beads.



Let’s take it step by step.


If you have a pre-existing necklace, the first step is to remove the clasp, leaving the jump rings.  If you don’t have a necklace, then make one that pleases you.  I’m using an older necklace that had a broken clasp.  It also happened to be an awkward length.


Now you will need two lobster clasps.   You will attach the clasps to either side of the necklace with jump rings.


It should look like the above picture when you finish.

Now, you just need a length of chain, ribbon, or cord.  I finished my chain with jump rings so it would be easy to attach to the clasps.



Now, you can make any number of additional chains of varying lengths, out of varying materials, and change them to your heart’s content to match your outfits or mood!

I also made a second necklace, again out of an old necklace that needed a bit of updating.  For this one I also made a ribbon chain, ending it with cord ends and jump rings for easy use of the lobster clasps.  In theory (if your necklaces match) you can interchange the chains from multiple necklaces.



Now go forth and create!