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So, I can’t cook every day.  A few days a week I work long hours, meaning I don’t usually cook those days.  Plus, even though I love to cook, there are definitely times that I run out of steam and inspiration and just don’t want to cook.  Leftovers and help from my fantastic husband usually get us through those days.  And there are always our few fallback restaurants.  But sometimes a girl just needs a pre-packaged meal to get her through the day.  But it’s tough to get gluten-free dairy-free packaged foods.  (Surprisingly, not that much harder to get gluten-free vegan packaged food).

So here are some of my quick meal favorites:

Daiya‘s Pizzas – Gluten-free, soy-free, nut-free and vegan, this is surprisingly fantastic.  I’ve had a lot of trouble finding it in stores though, which makes me sad.  I’ve tried the mushroom and roasted garlic and roasted vegetable flavors and was really impressed.  They have great flavor without being overwhelming.  For frozen oven pizza they’re pretty good.  Heck, for pizza in general they’re pretty good.


Tandoor Chef‘s Pad Thai – Not sure what an Indian cuisine company is doing making pad thai, but I don’t care.  Now gluten free fish-free pad thai is pretty hard to come by, but don’t think I’m letting down my standards because of that.  This is as real as you can get, tamarind sauce and all.  Somehow they have managed to keep the tofu crunchy despite the microwave, and I love the straw mushrooms and baby corn.  My only complaint is that there is not enough of it!


Amy‘s Burritos – Make sure to get the Gluten-Free Non-Dairy burrito.  It’s easy to get confused since it’s the same color as the non-gluten free non-dairy burrito.  This has led to several very depressing lunches for me, where I realized that I had the wrong wrap when stuck at work with 15 minutes to grab lunch.  Also never ever microwave on paper towels.  Use a plate.  Unless you like eating paper.  You’ve been warned.  The wrap is great, probably the best tortilla replacement I’ve had.  It’s something like a cross between injeera and dosas.  I wish I could just buy the wraps (you know, for times I want to make my own burrito).  The tofu scramble breakfast burritos are pretty darn good too.


McDougall‘s Black Bean Soup – It’s like cup-a-soup, only healthy, vegan, and gluten-free.  Just add hot water!  Easy to transport and something that could easily be kept in your cubicle drawer to use in an emergency.  Doesn’t need refrigeration.  Only a hot water dispenser or a microwave!  Plus it’s actually good.  Like, really good.  Just stir a lot.  Because nobody wants weird chunks of powdered black beans in their food.  There is also a pad thai and tortilla soup version which are good, but just not as good as the black bean one.  It looks like on their website they even have oatmeal cups.  What?  Sign me up.


Oh, and look what I found at Sprouts today:

These GoPicnic ready-to-eat meals!

Haven’t tried them yet, but is anyone else thinking replacement airline food?  I mean, have you tried getting gluten-free vegan airline food?  Good luck.  Not that they give any food away for free anymore.  But if they sold this on the airlines?  I would be all over it.

I was hoping this would be something good for Little Miss in case I didn’t have time to pack lunch one day (like lunchables, but healthy).  Unfortunately they all seem to have nuts, which are a no-go for a few reasons.  Oh well, more for me.  These would be great to keep at work for food emergencies.  (Yes, I need my snacks.  What of it?)


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  1. I have tried all of these except the pad thai. I haven’t seen it, but I’ll be on the lookout for it! :-)