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Thanksgivukkah.  Do you know about this?  If not, you need to.  Basically, Hanukkah is so early this year that the first day falls on the same day as Thanksgiving.  Evidently this is so rare, it will not happen again for 70,000 years.  The reason behind it is super complicated, so just go with it.  Or check out this FAQ.

Traditionalists are no doubt scoffing at the desire to merge Thanksgiving and Hanukkah into some sort of hybrid, but I can’t see the harm.  It’s a once in a lifetime event, everyone.  Whether you’re a foodie, a crafter, a party planner, or an artist, this is fertile ground for all sorts of creativity.  If you look around the internet, you can see the creativity has already begun.  My absolute favorite is the Menurkey, a Hanukkiah shaped like a turkey, designed by an adorable 9 year old boy.   Buzzfeed has also created a Thanksgivukkah feast!

I, for one, want to make a big deal out of this silly hybrid holiday.  If you want to join me, let me know and I’ll set up a Facebook group to share our projects.  I know that Halloween is coming up soon, but you still have all of November.  Who’s with me?

For inspiration, check out my Thanksgivukkah Pinterest board!

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  1. I love the idea of merging these holidays :) what a great celebration — off to check out your Pinterest!