Tulle Ghosts

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Tulle Ghosts

Another last minute halloween decoration for you!  These sweet little ghosts are more cute than scary.  They go together super fast, so you still have time to make them before Halloween!

What you’ll need:  1 roll of tulle ribbon, 1 package of small clear hair elastics, one package of small white pompoms.  I found that the tulle ribbon was the limiting factor.  I got 11 ghosts out of one roll, but there were 40 pompoms in a package.


 Cut the tulle ribbon into squares.  You could do this with tulle fabric, too, but it would take more cutting.  Stack 3 layers of tulle and center the pompom in the middle, then gather the tulle around the pompom and secure firmly with the elastic.


That’s it!  The ghosts sort of stand up on their own.  If you want to hang them, use a large tapestry needle to thread some pearl cotton or embroidery thread through the gauze on the top and tie.  Or make a garland by stringing them on a longer piece of pearl cotton.